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Pitched vs. Flat Roofs

Whether you’re having an extension built or replacing an existing roof, choosing the right roof for your Ripley property is an important decision. Although there are many different design options in terms of materials, colours and shapes, initially the two styles to decide between are pitched roofing and flat roofing. Consulting with a roofing company or your local roofing contractors is a good idea to determine which roofing type is best for your property.

At Langdon Roofing Ltd, our roofers have traded over 50 years and offer all types of roofing services, such as the installation of felt roofing and the replacing of listed pitched roofs. Based in Woking, our roofing contractors cover Ripley and all surrounding Surrey areas. On this page, our roofing company is looking at the differences between pitched and flat roofing.

Ask Your Local Roofing Company

Not all roofers will give you the same, friendly service or combine this with a strong work ethic. Because our local roofing company grows on positive referrals, we provide all roof repairs and new installations with these values in mind. This means you can feel free to discuss your needs with us at any time, so you can have a better understanding of our workmanship.

We appreciate that you want to feel confident once we leave your premises in the Ripley area. As such, our local roofing company supplies meaningful guarantees for all roof repairs, ensuring you’re covered in the unlikely event that the issue reoccurs. If you have any queries, one of our roofing contractors will be thrilled to help you out.

Difference Between Pitched & Flat Roofing

Pitched Roofs
Pitched roofs are commonly used for domestic properties and are a regular site in residential areas across Ripley and the surrounding Surrey areas. They are not as affordable choice as a flat roof, however come with many advantages such as durability and aesthetic appeal. Pitched roofing is also heavier than flat roofing but more resistant to harsh weather.

A pitched roof provides you with extra space and is a practical option if you require extra storage or would like to have a loft conversion carried out. Roofing contractors can provide you with tailored solutions to create the best loft space for your needs and our roofers offer affordable services for customers throughout the Ripley area.

Flat Roofs
Flat roofing, also known as felt roofing, is typically used for smaller areas such as for extensions, garages, porches and dormers or for commercial properties. However, flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular for covering whole residential homes in Ripley as a contemporary alternative to pitched roofs. Although the name implies a flat surface, roofing contractors know that flat roofs do in fact have a slight pitch for adequate drainage.

Generally, flat felt roofing is more affordable than pitched roofing and often has a longer lifespan when fitted correctly by skilled roofers. If you are looking to install a flat roof, allowing a professional roofing company to carry out the work will ensure all the required waterproof membranes and coverings are fitted securely.

Be it a pitched home in Ripley or flat roofing further afield, our local roofing company will deliver rapid roof repairs for the long-term protection that you deserve.

Benefits of Pitched Roofing vs Flat Felt Roofing

Pitched Roofs

  • Generally, more in-keeping with the surrounding properties
  • More durable and hardwearing than flat roofs, requiring less maintenance
  • Allow for additional living or storage space because of the pitched design
  • Better insulation when installed correctly by reputable roofing contractors

Flat Roofs

  • Quick and easy to erect meaning less labour and time is required
  • Ideal for Ripley property owners wanting a more contemporary design
  • Flat felt roofing protects your property from adverse weather conditions
  • Easy to access and operate from, making maintenance work safer

There are numerous advantages to both roof types. To help you decide better, we recommend contacting your local roofers such as our roofing company in Woking, to establish which one is most suited to your project.

At Langdon Roofing Ltd, we’ve helped customers throughout Surrey find the best solutions. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials page to see what our clients say.

Flat and Pitched Roof Repairs From the Local Roofing Company

Not only can we install pitched roofs and flat roofing in the Ripley area, but working hard as local roofing company, our team restores damaged roofs to their former condition. Our roof repairs come at a competitive rate and on an emergency basis, which means you never need suffer through the night due to storm damage.

Commercial clients rely on our local roofing company to fulfil their needs, but unlike some roofers, we also lend our expertise to listed buildings that demand more traditional roof repairs.

Deciding between pitched and flat roofing for your Ripley property? Call our local roofing company on 01483 608888 and receive professional advice from our expert roofers.