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5 Signs You May Need to Repair Your Roof

Trading over 50 years, Langdon Roofing has completed roof repairs and replacements for many customers in Knaphill and the surrounding Surrey area. As accredited roofing contractors, we employ roofers who have the knowledge required to work on a range of roofing types, including pitched roofing, flat roofing and felt roofing. To help improve the homes of our prospective customers, we outline 5 signs your roof may need repair or replacement.

1 – Flat Roofing Damage

EPDM rubber roofs are commonly used for domestic and commercial clients who require a more modern and durable flat roofing installation. When an older material breaks down with age, the roof is no longer watertight. This puts your Knaphill home at risk to leaks. EPDM is a seamless, watertight and hardwearing alternative to older hot application systems that use bitumen.

Water damage from a leaking roof causes issues inside your home or business. If not resolved early enough, you could experience mould, mildew and damage to the property interior. If you’re concerned about the condition of your roofing, locate a professional roofing company in the Knaphill area to examine the problem for you.

2 – Loose Roof Tiles

Loose roof tiles can easily fall from your property and pose a risk of serious injury. They also lead to a range of other problems including water damage, rotting of the timber eaves and allowing vermin into the property. Broken or loose roof tiles also depreciate the value of your home. Having them repaired or replaced by qualified roofers can restore your property back to its true market value.

To keep you safe from harm, our roofing contractors are available to conduct detailed inspections of your Knaphill home or business on a responsive basis.

3 – Visible Sagging

If correctly fitted by an accredited roofing company, your roof should follow a straight line across the ridge. This applies to all installations, including pitched roofing, flat roofing and felt roofing. If you notice a sag in the middle of a roof, it may mean there is some structural damage to the installation. It is imperative that you have sags quickly repaired by our roofers. Sagging could potentially result in your roof collapsing. This makes the services of our roofing contractors essential when sags occur.

Sag could ultimately cause injury to those living or working inside your Knaphill property, and damage to your personal belongings or business assets.

4 – Debris in the Guttering

Manufacturers and roofers use asphalt shingle to create a waterproof protective coating for roof tiles. Over time, the material deteriorates and detaches from the tiles. Inspect your guttering to see if there is a build-up of loose, sand-like granules or have our roofers do it for you. If you find a considerable amount of residue, this means you either need to replace the tiles or renew their protective coating.

As roofing contractors for the Knaphill area, Langdon Roofing can complete full inspections and repairs of pitched roofing, flat roofing, felt roofing and all other installations.

5 – Mould and Moss

In the event of a lack of maintenance, some homeowners experience mould and moss growing on their roofs. If left untreated, the roof tiles force apart and this results in water coming into a Knaphill property. Most roofers can remove small amounts of mould and moss but, if there is damage to the tiles, you’ll need a roofing company to perform repairs or replacements on your pitched or flat roofing structure.

Visit our roofing services page to find out more about repairs and replacements in the Knaphill area. Our roofing contractors offer a full and modern range of professional solutions including EPDM, GRP and felt roofing installations.

Langdon Roofing is the first-choice roofing company in Knaphill and Surrey. To find out more about our services, please contact us on 01483 608888 or 07526 856097.